JSC “Transporto Marisa“ is your reliable partner which guarantees high-quality and safe freight transport in Europe.


  • a wide choice of routes across Europe;
  • a program of freight transport “e-cargo“;
  • modern freight vehicles;
  • trucks and trailers with built-in video cameras.


  • 350 different ferry routes for freight vehicles;
  • more than 20 ferry lines in Europe, including “DFDS Seaways“, “Stena Line“, “Viking Line“, “Tallink“, etc.
  • “On-line” ticket booking system.

JSC “Transporto Marisa” was founded in 2003; however its history begins in 1995 when decision regarding international freight trucking was made. At the beginning only the services of freight forwarding have been rendered and from 1996 the company has acquired vehicles and began rendering of services of international transport of goods. In 1997 we offered the first ferry tickets to our customers and a ferry ticketing office was established in 2000.

A subsidiary JSC “Transporto Marisa” was established at the end of 2003. From 2004 successfully took all activity of JSC “Marisa” which related with transport division and a ferry ticketing office.

We try to ensure convenient use of our services; therefore we have introduced on-line program of ferry booking www.e-ferry.lt  and a program of freight transportation www.e-cargo.lt which allows a real-time tracking of consignment. We aim to save your time and money.

The company constantly ivvests in the renovation of the fleet. The company purchases only new vehicles in order to ensure compliance with top environmental and safety requirements.

The company operates trucks with MEGA semi-trailers.

MEGA trailers are bigger by their size (length 13.62 cm, width 2.48 m, height 3.02 m); therefore they are suitable for transportation of cargo that does not fit into standard-size trailers. Such dimensions (especially height) allow maximum placement of cargo. During loading works a whole roof of the trailer can be lifted 50 cm above the settled position of transportation, thus cargo safety can be ensured. The trailers are curtain-sided and can be easily opened by pushing sideways, whereas the rear door ensures even faster and easier loading and unloading.

In case of need, we also provide services of small (Less Than Truckload) cargo transportation; moreover, our trailers are suitable for transportation of agricultural machinery, loaders, machine-tools and other mechanisms.

Since 2011 all vehicles have built-in tracking system that allows 24 hours cargo tracking. The steps are very simple: the customer has to login to the system www.e-cargo.lt  enter its order number or to submit an inquiry and to monitor the submitted results. The customers can view and print all made out invoices and scan consignments.

All UAB "Transporto Marisa" vehicles have installed a video monitoring system www.videotrack.lt  

All goods shipped are insured with CMR insurance (that covers the amount of 410,000 euros).